Easily communicate with your entire team!

  • Roster Viewer

    Filter roster view by Players, Parents, or Coaches/Managers so you can easily jump to the information you're looking for. View roster as text or profile photo grid for when you can't remember a name.

  • Easy Season Schedule

    Easily add games, practices, and events and let team members indicate availability. Single tap for quick access to day, week, or month views.

  • Money Tracker

    Keep track of team payments for each player. Calculates partial payments and lets you notify team members of balances due. Parents/players can view their balance.

  • Team Messenger

    The entire team can communicate with each other using the Team Sphere Messenger. Allows for private one-to-one or public group messages.

  • Private Social Network

    Incredible new 3D sphere albums! Lets team members and relatives share photos & videos in your own private team social network. Manager or coach can delete comments and content for safety.

  • Urgent Team Alerts

    Lets you send urgent last-minute team alerts as push notification, text message, and email so you can be sure all team members get the message - even if they haven't downloaded the app!

“I have been a team manager for several years now and no other app helps me manage information between the four teams in our football camp better than Team Sphere.

The app is user-friendly, contains something for everyone, whether it be a manager, coach, player, parent, family, etc. I love having one place to input team information for games, practices, and other team events while team members and their families share video and photos of team games and events. 

The app allows for a consistent flow of information to exchange between camp coaches and managers and players and their parents. This is an essential part of building and maintaining a successful youth sports team.”



For FREE Roster upload, email request to signup@myteamsphere.com!

Team Communication Tools

1) Season schedule by day, week, and month
2) Email & text alerts (with/without App installed)
3) Player availability tracking
4) Document Upload through Dropbox
5) Game Scoring – Assign to any user
6) Person to Person Messaging
7) Roster and Contacts
8) Team News
9) Payment & Item Tracking
10) Assign Refreshment duty to Anyone

Private Social Network Features:

1) Private photo & video sharing albums
2) Upload via app or desktop at MyTeamSphere.com
3) Save photos to phone
4) Social functions: Like & Comment
5) Coach & Manager moderation: Delete comment or post
6) Fan view of game albums for distant relatives
7) 3D sphere albums
8) 3-minute video uploads
9) Tag players in each photo
10) Download photos or videos to desktop at MyTeamSphere.com